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The leader in strategic advice and execution on proxy campaigns and corporate actions

Who We Are

Who We Are

InvestorCom is one of today’s leading independent full service shareholder intelligence firms serving publicly traded companies worldwide.

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Underlying InvestorCom’s formation is the notion that no two companies’ shareholder compositions are alike, and therefore each company requires the consulting services of a firm that can penetrate the veil of “street name” beneficial ownership and apply this intelligence through a variety of services to increase shareholder value.

InvestorCom prides itself on the level of knowledge of its clients’ industries and the commitment to the ongoing education of its executives. InvestorCom represents a quality universe of clients from various industries, including Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Utilities and Communications.

At InvestorCom our clients benefit from the advantage of consistent high-level interpretative analysis, not just data distribution. This difference is what we call “Shareholder Intelligence.”

Services We Provide

Unlike most of our competitors, InvestorCom is an independent firm providing the balance of a broad range of services in a focused team-driven environment.