Information Agent Services

Unlike most of our competitors, InvestorCom is an independent firm providing the balance of a broad range of services in a focused team-driven environment.

InvestorCom’s Information Agent Services Overview

Communicating complex issues to shareholders can be a tremendous challenge. It takes a thorough knowledge of the issues and also of the kinds of questions shareholders will raise.

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InvestorCom’s superior technical resources and extensive relationships within the financial community ensure that all shareholders are made aware of an offer and receive the information they need in order to make the most informed and timely decisions. Given our vast experience with tender offers, rights offerings, odd-lot programs, and mergers & acquisitions, InvestorCom has the “firepower” to successfully get you through all of your corporate actions. Through our commitment and experience, we are able to design the necessary documents, prepare the best strategy to maximize participation, and use our state-of-the-art stock surveillance capabilities to effectively reach out to your shareholders. The following is a brief list of what we offer with our Information Agent Services:
  • Tender Offers, Rights Offers, and Odd-Lot Programs
  • Call Center Solutions