Proxy Solicitation

Unlike most of our competitors, InvestorCom is an independent firm providing the balance of a broad range of services in a focused team-driven environment.

InvestorCom’s Proxy Solicitation Overview

There are now virtually dozens of crucial steps that need to be performed in order to maximize voter response at even the most “routine” Annual Meeting.

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InvestorCom is well positioned to address each of its client’s particular needs given the direct involvement of its senior management team in every solicitation and the aggressive, “hands-on” approach it employs. The proxy vote has become an efficient way for shareholders to facilitate change and for activist investors to assert their force on a wide variety of corporate governance issues. InvestorCom has recognized the challenge faced by corporations to create a proven approach. InvestorCom’s Proxy Solicitation division combines forces with its Stock Surveillance and Corporate Governance Advisory divisions to identify institutional investors, analyze each institution’s voting tendencies based on management’s proposals, and develop and implement a strategy that will maximize shareholder voting and provide the best opportunity for passage of all management sponsored proposals. The following is a brief list of what we offer with our Proxy Solicitation service:
  • Corporate Proxy Solicitation and Consulting
  • Shareholder Proposal Analysis and Management Proposal Development
  • Proxy Fights
  • Logistical Support