Stock Surveillance

Unlike most of our competitors, InvestorCom is an independent firm providing the balance of a broad range of services in a focused team-driven environment.

InvestorCom’s Stock Surveillance Overview

The ability of corporations to identify which investors are influencing their share price and understand why they are doing so is the foundation of a successful investor relations program.

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InvestorCom recognizes the link between the knowledge of shareholders and their trading behavior, and the effectiveness in being able to communicate with them. Our ability to timely and accurately identify “who” owns stock and “why” trading activity is occurring allows InvestorCom to provide clients with the highest level of market insight and the ability to look far beyond the mask of shares held in “street” name. At InvestorCom this is what we call “Shareholder Intelligence.” Simply stated, it’s the knowledge of who currently owns your stock, what their motivation is for trading in your stock, and, of equal importance, how to act on this information. The following is a brief list of what we offer with our Stock Surveillance service:
  • Daily Monitoring and Reporting
  • Weekly Trading Memos
  • Executive Monthly Summary
  • Shareholder Profiles
  • Institutional Targeting