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About InvestorCom

InvestorCom is one of today’s leading independent full-service shareholder engagement firms serving publicly traded companies and investment funds worldwide for over two decades.

The InvestorCom Senior Team

InvestorCom is staffed with accomplished, experienced professionals who deliver precise and practiced insight and information to our clients. We have extraordinarily high customer retention and access to extensive resources that augment our focused, results-driven process.

John Glenn Grau | President & CEO

John Glenn Grau is the founder and CEO of InvestorCom. With thirty years of experience in proxy advisory and solicitation campaigns, shareholder identification, corporate governance, and mergers and acquisitions consulting, Mr. Grau provides expertise and guidance to a broad range of clients in the corporate, legal, and investment banking fields.

Before founding InvestorCom, Mr. Grau spent a decade as a founding partner and principal of Beacon Hill Partners, Inc., a leading independent proxy solicitation and stock surveillance boutique. His responsibilities included directing the company’s proxy solicitation and stock surveillance services, product development, supervision of client relationships, and pioneering the firm’s corporate governance and investor relations divisions.

In the 1980s, Mr. Grau served as Director of Institutional Research and Account Executive of The Carter Organization, that era’s preeminent proxy contest advisory, stock surveillance, and mergers and acquisitions advisory firm. While there, he worked with clients such as Drexel Burnham Lambert, T. Boone Pickens, and Carl Icahn.

Mr. Grau holds a B.A. in Economics and Accounting from Fordham University and an MBA in Finance from the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University.

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Douglas E. Jaffe | Managing Director, Capital Markets Group

Douglas Jaffe is Managing Director and head of InvestorCom’s Capital Markets Group. With over twenty years of experience in the investor relations field, he has a diverse and successful background in securities surveillance and institutional targeting, including relations with corporate and investment-banking clients and investor relations consulting firms.

Before joining InvestorCom, he held the position of Senior Analyst at Citigate Dewe Rogerson. While there, he focused primarily on the cable sector, heading accounts such as Cox Communications and Scientific Atlanta (before its acquisition by Cisco Systems, Inc.). During his tenure at Citigate, Mr. Jaffe created and implemented an institutional targeting program to assist senior management in their outreach endeavors.

Previously, Mr. Jaffe was an analyst at The Carson Group, departing before its acquisition by Thomson Financial. While at Carson, Mr. Jaffe serviced several blue-chip corporate clients in various industries, including FedEx Corp., Delta Airlines and Verizon Communications. In addition to these responsibilities, he also served as a consultant to J.P. Morgan’s investment banking division, assisting with secondary offerings of ADRs.

Mr. Jaffe received a B.A. in Economics from Tulane University in 1994.

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Michelle L. Frosch | Senior Director

Michelle Frosch has over a decade of experience in proxy solicitation and corporate governance consulting and currently serves as InvestorCom’s Senior Director of Proxy Services. Before her position at InvestorCom, Ms. Frosch held senior positions in the financial services sector, working for firms such as Newtown Saving Bank and Hamilton Mortgage.

As the Senior Director of Proxy Services, Ms. Frosch cultivates a professional and enthusiastic approach to organizing and preparing for each client transaction and overseeing a support staff of solicitation and back-office personnel. Responsible for proxy contests, annual and special meetings, tender offers, and solicitations, Ms. Frosch has handled numerous assignments, providing individualized attention to clients, shareholders, and employees. When managing all shareholder response campaigns, she also utilizes her exceptional customer service skills to complement InvestorCom’s track record of excellent client relations and attention to detail.

Ms. Frosch holds a B.A. in Communications from Marist College.

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Skarlett Vaca Jara | Social Media Director & Data Analyst

Skarlett Vaca Jara currently serves as InvestorCom’s social media Director and Data Analyst. Before her position at InvestorCom, Ms. Vaca worked in the social media department at multibillion dollar companies such as Conair.

As a highly skilled social media expert, Ms. Vaca develops and executes comprehensive social media strategies across platforms to drive brand awareness, delivering the InvestorCom LinkedIn and Twitter communities with relevant industry updates and engaging content in the form of text, image, and video-based posts.

Responsible for managing our roster of social media channels and website, Ms. Vaca monitors trends and industry activities to identify collaborative opportunities. She oversees social media campaign performances and provides individualized attention to detail throughout her work, resulting in a cultivation of strong professional relationships and business opportunities.

Ms. Vaca’s diverse skill set is seen throughout her creative process. Her ability to leverage data and performance metrics further improves the ongoing growth needed to maximize platform impact.


Ms. Vaca holds a B.A. in Sociology with a Minor in Psychology from Fairfield University.

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InvestorCom is founded on the belief that no two companies’ shareholder compositions are alike. Therefore, each company requires the services of a firm that can penetrate the veil of “street name” beneficial ownership and apply this intelligence through services to increase shareholder value.

InvestorCom prides itself on its knowledge of its clients’ industries and its commitment to the ongoing education of its clients. InvestorCom represents a universe of quality clients from many industries, including Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services, Public Utilities, and Communications.

At InvestorCom, clients benefit from our experience, depth of understanding, strategic approach, and consistent high-level interpretative analysis, not just data distribution. This difference is what we call Shareholder Intelligence.

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