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InvestorCom delivers a broad range of sophisticated services in a team-driven environment. Versatile and focused, InvestorCom is an independent, boutique firm leveraging decades of experience to benefit its clients.

Proxy Advice and Solicitation

InvestorCom aligns with your senior management team and uses an aggressive, hands-on approach in every solicitation.

We meet the challenges faced by corporations with a proven approach to Proxy Solicitation. Proxy votes are an efficient way for shareholders to facilitate change and for activist investors to assert their force in corporate governance issues.

InvestorCom’s Proxy Solicitation experts identify institutional investors and analyze each institution’s voting tendencies based on management’s proposals. We develop and implement a strategy maximizing shareholder voting, advising on proposal modification, and providing the best opportunity for the passage of all management-sponsored proposals.

InvestorCom’s Proxy Solicitation Services include:

  • Corporate Proxy Solicitation and Consulting
  • Shareholder Proposal Analysis
  • Management Proposal Development
  • Proxy Fights
  • Logistical Support
  • M&A Services

Proxy Contests

InvestorCom has decades of experience managing proxy contests, representing hundreds of Hedge Funds, Investment Funds, and Corporations. We provide early-stage advice to both companies and hedge funds, develop the strategic approach to a solicitation, and craft presentation materials for the campaign. Once the campaign begins, we commence an aggressive shareholder outreach to stewardship teams, buy-side analysts, and individual investors.

InvestorCom uses Its shareholder surveillance expertise to identify and analyze the company’s ownership profile, including all mutual and hedge funds, pension funds, retail, and small investment holdings.

We advise clients on preparing for engagement with ISS and Glass Lewis and make our clients aware of the most effective approaches for responding to follow-up questions from these advisory firms.

Stock Surveillance

InvestorCom recognizes the link between the information shareholders access and their trading behavior.

We know that effectively communicating with shareholders is paramount.

Our team is uniquely skilled at quickly and accurately identifying why a trading activity is occurring. We provide clients with the highest level of market insight, looking beyond the mask of shares held in “street name.”

At InvestorCom, we call this Shareholder Intelligence. We determine who owns your stock, their motivation for trading in your stock, and how that information is actionable.

InvestorCom’s Stock Surveillance Services

  • Daily Monitoring and Reporting
  • Weekly Trading Memos
  • Monthly Executive Summary
  • Shareholder Profiles and ESG Analysis
  • Institutional Targeting

ESG and Corporate Governance Consulting

InvestorCom’s consulting services leverage our firm’s broad range of experience in support of effective corporate governance.

Once, institutions were content to remain on the sidelines during annual meeting season, deferring their vote to management. Today, institutional investors are concerned with their investments’ corporate structure and practices.

Many institutions have established proxy guidelines and committees of their own, effectively taking the matter out of the hands of the portfolio manager.

InvestorCom’s consulting services supply the edge needed to help you control institutional investors’ impact on your company.

InvestorCom’s Corporate Governance Consulting Services include:

  • Review of Corporate Governance Practices
  • Institutional Shareholder Activism Profiling
  • Proxy Voting Recommendation Agency Policy Review

Information Agent Services

InvestorCom’s advanced technical resources and extensive relationships within the financial community ensure shareholders are aware of a transaction and receive the information needed to make timely, informed decisions.

We have sophisticated and extensive experience with tender offers, rights offerings, odd-lot programs, and mergers and acquisitions. We design the documents, prepare the best strategy to maximize participation, and use our state-of-the-art stock surveillance capabilities to reach your shareholders effectively.

As your Information Agent, InvestorCom has the power and expertise to support the successful navigation of your corporate actions.

InvestorCom’s Information Agent Services include:

  • Tender Offers, Exchange Offers, Rights Offers, Odd-Lot Programs
  • Call Center Solutions

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